Last 23th of May, at the Círculo Valenciano of Madrid (Pintor Rosales 58), it was offered the last of the three concerts performed by Musicalis Trio, the Resident Group of this center.

That recitals, as a part of 1st Cycle of Chamber Music MuXXicalis, have been organized, coordinated and performed by the agrupation mentioned aboved, thanks to the complete disponibility of the Círculo Valenciano, the invaluable collaboration of the prestigious magazine “Música y Educación”, photograph José Luis Pecharromán and many people that participated in an active and altruistic way on the organization and developement of the cycle.

The intention of the group was clear: to explain and to show what spanish chamber music groups can do nowadays, nevertheless the period or stylistic tendence of the authors performed, although the characteristics of the group (clarinet/bass clarinet, violin and piano) lead them to the performing, preferently, of XXth and XXIst Century pieces. In the last concert, Trio Musicalis went into the expresive, emotive and inspirating possibilities of XXth century music in depth, contrasting with the traditional conception of that kind of music as “intelectual”, “cold” or “complex”. To do that, thay played pieces from Khachaturian, Milhaud and Astor Piazzolla.

After the emphatic success of public and critics of the cycle, Trio Musicalis has already prepared and coordinated for the 2012/13 Season the II Cycle of Chamber Music MUXXICALIS. True to the same principles that guided them till now, in this cycle the number of groups will be increased, the variety of periods of the pieces will be wider and there will be collaboration with soloists internationally recognized.

Every third wednesday of the month, from October to May, we have the opportunity of listening from Classical Quartets (Alart Quartet) to the most innovative proposals (Toy Piano Concerts, with the specialist Victor Trescolí). From the beauty of ancient music to the collaboration with spanish artists of international prestige, like Juan Carlos Matamoros (Trombone), of course with more concerts of the Trio Musicalis and “premieres” of spanish and foreign composers. Some of them have composed their pieces specially dedicated to the Trio.

Therefore, in the 2nd Edition, Trio Musicalis have accomplished his aim: contemporary chamber music is not only the performance of the XXIst century works, but also every artistic show from musicians who live day after day the characteristics, advantadges and upsetting experiences of this contemporary “world” around us, musicians that wish to share this experiences in a musical way with a public that, if we attend to the first edition of the cycle, wants to participate in this event.

Trío Musicalis
Eduardo Raimundo (Clarinet/bass clarinete, Orquesta Nacional de España)).
Mario Pérez (Violin, Orquesta Nacional de España).
Francisco Escoda Patrón (piano, Universidad Internacional Valenciana, Conservatorio Superior de Música de Castellón).